Before You Subscribe, Check Out These Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube is still one of the best apps smart phones. This entertainment app comes as a video player and place current free videos with many interesting features. However, as it develops, YouTube also introduces a number of services, one of which is YouTube Premium.

Unfortunately, this YouTube Premium service is paid. However, when you first subscribe, you can enjoy YouTube Premium for free for one month.

Later after 1 month of usage you can decide whether to continue the subscription or not. With paid YouTube, they say there will be a difference from regular YouTube, which is free.

What Are The Benefits of YouTube Premium?

Carrying “premium” curls, this service comes with many advantages or benefits compared to the regular version. So what are the benefits of using this paid YouTube Premium? To be more confident about subscribing to YouTube Premium, check out the review below.

No More Annoying Ads

Advertising is one of YouTube’s biggest sources of revenue. This is why some ads appear frequently and disrupt the experience of watching videos. In fact, nowadays the number of ads shown for each video on YouTube has increased with different duration and length.

Now, when you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you get the benefit of no more annoying ads while watching videos. This paid service no longer shows all ads, both at the beginning of the video and in the middle of the video.

YouTube Premium provides a better viewing experience so you can enjoy all the content without ads and without the hassle of clicking buttons skip advertising again.

You can enjoy these ad-free YouTube videos on all devices and all operating systems. So you can easily watch ad-free videos through mobile phones, laptops and more smart TVs.

So what about content revenue for authors if there are no ads? Since this is a paid service, the revenue system is different. YouTube itself claims that creators will profit and earn more if their videos are played on YouTube Premium.

The Video Can Be Played in The Background

Videos watched on YouTube can often freeze when you open another app. For those of you who like multitasking, this is of course quite disturbing. This is because you can only open the YouTube app.

Well, another advantage of YouTube Premium is that it allows the video being played to continue or stay on even if you open another app or even if the mobile screen is off. This means that the YouTube app is still running in the background.

With this feature, you can listen to audio from YouTube videos without having to watch the videos all the time. This feature saves your mobile phone’s battery because the HP screen doesn’t have to be on all the time.

Supports Sicture-in-Picture Function

The Picture in Picture or PIP feature allows YouTube to appear as a small floating window when you open other apps. Thanks to this, you can still watch YouTube videos without having to close other applications.

The PIP functions themselves are different from the functions Split screen which splits the screen into two parts for different applications. In Picture-in-Picture, the other app is displayed in full, while the YouTube app displays a small floating window. Thanks to the small window shape, you can position the video as you want without blocking other applications.

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