Best Apps for Android and iOS to Edit Photos into Cartoons


Taking photos is one of the activities that cannot be separated from today’s Android users. With the increasing sophistication of cameras on Android devices, photography activities can now be done wherever and whenever we want.

Not only are photos taken, but the photos taken are also usually uploaded to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Some of these social media even provide special filters that make the photos we take even more interesting.

Speaking of filters, there are a lot of them these days photo editing app which provides various effects or filters to beautify the photos taken. Let’s call it an effect fish eye, session, cartoonuntil vintage which will make our photos look old school but artistic.

One of the most popular photo effects today is the cartoon effect. With this effect, the person in the photo will turn into a cartoon character and will be very funny. Sometimes they are like Japanese cartoons and sometimes they are like monsters.

hmm roughly aside from making photo effects into cartoons, is there an app that can make effects like 3D cartoons? To answer this question, this time the Caris Signal team will review various Android and iOS apps that can be used to edit photos into cartoons. All these apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store with their respective features and benefits.

Voila AI Artist Avatar Cartoon

Want to turn your photos into modern 3D cartoons? Just use Voila AI Artist Avatar Cartoon app. The application can turn your photos into 3D cartoons in the style of AI applications in a few minutes.

Voila AI Artist Avatar Cartoon offers several categories. Here is cartoon multiverse, Christmas pictures, my sketch, to celebrity-style photo effects. Even though it works automatically, this app still allows users to do it editing simple. Examples include changing the brightness and contrast of a photo.

Each category has a different selection of cartoon effects. Of course, you can choose according to your needs. Unfortunately, not all of these cartoon effects are free to use. Some are only available in the PRO version, some can be ‘redeemed’ by watching ads.

If you are interested, you can consider subscribing. The rate is around IDR 54,000 per month. Download the app on Google PlayStore for Android and iOS version in the App Store.


ToonTap offers you templates cool cartoon. It doesn’t take long to turn a photo into a caricature; less than five minutes. The application is able to convert user photos into 2D and 3D cartoons. Templatescan be chosen arbitrarily.

Mostly though templates ToonTap cartoons are not free. Partly the same as Voila templates ToonTap cartoons can be unlocked through ads. There is also the option to change the age of photos from young to old, or vice versa. And for photos that have become cartoons, you can still edit elements.

Not just the face, what’s interesting about ToonTap is the ability to turn full-body photos into cartoons.

Another special feature of ToonTap is photo enhancer. Its features will fix your damaged photos or even colorize black and white photos. However, the features are part of the PRO service and cannot be obtained for free. The subscription for this service is around IDR 77,000 per week. Download ToonTap for Android from Google PlayStore.


Want to turn your photos into old comics? Try Comica. This app has several collections of old comic book filters that you can apply to your photos. In addition to adding filters, there is also an option to replace them Background to make it more like the old comics.

The funny thing is that this app allows users to replace facial expressions with filters. Of course, the filter too hilarious All. What makes the Caris Signal team happy is that Comica is free to use on Android phones. Want to try? Download Comica for Android from Google PlayStore.

Anime AI

Anime AI can conjure up your photos to look like anime characters. It’s easy, just type prompts (command) with text or select templates as you wish. Here is templates vintage anime, anime old schoolpainting, Japanese style.

After adding prompts and choose templates, feel free to upload your own photo to complement the work. Wait for Anime AI to process your image. When finished, the image can be directly saved to the mobile phone or shared on social networks.

You’ll need it every time you create an anime-style picture or avatar diamonds up to ten pieces. If you want to have a collection diamonds full and use the app without ad interruptions, a premium option is available. The subscription is around IDR 46,000 per month. Download Anime AI from Google PlayStore for Android AND App Store for iOS.

Cartoon Yourself, Toonme, Face

This app is also known as Cartoonify. Cartoon Yourself, Toonme, Face offers a variety of cartoon photo filters. There are 2D cartoon filters, 3D cartoon filters, sketchcartoon filters for animals, to cartoon zombie filters.

Using this application is also not difficult, moreover, the interface also makes everything easy. All you have to do is slide the screen left and right to select a cartoon effect or filter. Then just select the desired filter and upload your photo. Then you wait for the process caricature until it’s done.

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