How to Speed Up Your Android & Speedy Internet Connection

How to Speed Up Your Android & Speedy Internet Connection

Internet has become an important component for modern society. It is used to obtain various important information and often used for running businesses. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to speed up our internet connection software to avoid slow connection.

Slow internet connection will disrupt your activities, especially if you use the internet for business purposes. If the internet connection you are using is fast, it will provide great benefits for your activities.

Therefore, in this article, Carisinyal will provide tips and tricks to speed up your internet connection. These tips and tricks can be applied for those of you who are using internet connection through Android, Telkom Speedy modem, or internet cafes.

Tips for Speeding Up Your Android Internet Connection

Android devices have become a common communication tool among people nowadays. With the affordable prices of Android smartphones and tablets, many people are able to own them without having to spend a lot of money. Android devices come with various sophisticated applications that make it easy for you to perform various activities.

Internet connection is essential for running various applications on Android. A fast internet connection makes it easier for you to use these applications. There are several ways to make internet access on Android faster, including:

Choose the right operator

Internet connection depends heavily on the quality of the network in a particular area. Therefore, you should use an operator that has a good network in your area. Make sure that the operator uses at least a 3G network.

Install internet booster software

Installing an internet booster software can make your Android access the internet faster. There are many internet booster applications available in the Play Store that you can use. Make sure you choose an application that has a high rating so that the results are not disappointing.

Use bandwidth-saving browsers

Use a bandwidth-saving browser to make internet access faster. Some browsers make browsing activities faster due to their compressing process, such as Opera Mini and UCweb. However, Google Chrome is the best option because the browser also has a "bandwidth saver" option.

Clear the cache

Clearing the cache that has accumulated in the browser you use can also speed up access, especially if the cache is old. This way, internet access for browsing will not experience long loading times.

How to Speed Up Your Speedy Internet Connection

Speedy is an internet service provided by Telkom. Because it is integrated with telephone cables, it is not surprising that many people in Indonesia use this service. Here are two easy steps you can take to make your Speedy internet connection faster:

Use the NameBench tool

The first thing you need to do is download and install internet speed-up software called NameBench. After you install it and open it, you must change the number 250 in "Number of Queries" to the number 1. Then find the fastest DNS using the application.

Adjust the Local Area Connection settings on your PC

After using third-party software, the next step is to speed up your internet connection manually on your PC. To do this, open the Control Panel search menu and select Network and Internet. Then click Network and Sharing Center and select Change Adapter Settings on the left.

Find the Ethernet connection or Local Area Connection you are using, then right-click and select Properties. Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click Properties below it. Finally, change the Preferred DNS and Alternative DNS by using the DNS provided by the NameBench tool.

The above two steps to speed up your Speedy internet connection can be done quickly and easily. Although you need to take some careful steps, the results will definitely be satisfying. These tips can also be used for modems from Smartfren, Tri, XL, Telkomsel, Indosat, and others.

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