List of ASUS Pre-Installed Apps or Bloatware and Their Functions

List of ASUS Pre-Installed Apps or Bloatware and Their Functions

When you buy a new HP from any brand, it's not really in an empty state. That means, the HP is already set up so that it can be used. In addition, there are also several pre-installed apps, even though you haven't downloaded any apps yet.

ASUS HP is no exception, these pre-installed apps are called bloatware. Simply put, bloatware is a software or pre-installed application. Of course, this application will take up a few percent of the total memory capacity of the HP. So, the memory capacity of your ASUS HP will not be completely empty even though it's new.

The presence of some pre-installed apps actually has quite important functions. Therefore, there are several apps that cannot or should not be deleted. Now, what are the bloatware or pre-installed apps on ASUS HP? Then, what are the functions of these apps? To find out, please read this article until the end.

List of ASUS Pre-Installed Apps or Bloatware and Their Functions

ASUS HP can be said to have a not-too-many pre-installed apps. These pre-installed apps only consist of Google and ASUS apps themselves. There are only a few social media apps that are owned by this HP. Well, for more details, you can check out some of the lists that have been created below.

ASUS Data Transfer

ASUS Data Transfer is a built-in application from ASUS, which is one of the features of ZenUI 9. This application allows you to transfer data from your old phone to your new phone easily. The data can include contacts, call history, photos, videos, files, and so on.

What's interesting is that this feature can be used without requiring a USB cable or any cellular network. You can find this feature on ASUS Zenfone phones that use the ZenUI 5 interface or higher.


The calculator application is one of the applications that almost all types of phones have. You can use this application to solve numerical calculations. In fact, it already has many mathematical symbols that are very helpful. This application can be uninstalled or its updates can be turned off, but it is not recommended.


For a phone with a rear camera, it is certain that it has this built-in camera application. You can use this application to capture your daily moments. You can capture it in the form of photos or videos. It also has various features to help produce the best photos or videos.

This application is a built-in application on your phone, so you cannot uninstall or turn off the application. However, if you want to use a camera application from another provider, you can still use it without having to uninstall this application.


The next application is the clock application. The main function of this application is to display time information. However, there are several other features that can be utilized through this application, such as a stopwatch, alarm, and timer. This application can actually be uninstalled, but it has the risk of damaging your phone.


This application has the function of storing and managing someone's contacts. Usually, the contact information that can be added consists of mobile numbers, office numbers, photos, and so on. Like the previous application, this application is not recommended to be uninstalled even though it can be.

File Manager

This application has the function of storing various files or documents on your phone. You can store various types of files in this application, ranging from photos, videos, documents, music, and so on. Although this application can be uninstalled or turned off, it is not recommended. This is because there is a risk of damage and the files inside it will be lost.


If previously you could store various types of files, this gallery application cannot. This is because this application can only store files in the form of photos or videos. Usually, this application is already connected to the File Manager application. So, both of these applications have the same photo and video files.

This type of application actually has other alternatives that can be used, such as Google Photos. However, this application must still be present to avoid unwanted situations.


Apparently, all current Android phones still have this messaging application. You can use this application to exchange messages via SMS. However, this application is rarely used and only contains SMS from the operator. Although it is rarely used, this application cannot be deleted from your phone.


If the previous application can be used to exchange messages via text, then this application can be used to make voice calls. This application does not require an internet connection, but only requires credit and a cellular network. This application also cannot be deleted because it is a built-in application that has a very important function.


This application also cannot be deleted because of its very important function. This application helps you to adjust various features on your phone. You can adjust the language, ringtone, theme, and so on through this application. This application also contains important information about your ASUS phone.

SIM Toolkit (Planet3)

This application has the function of storing and managing the SIM card used. The name of the application will usually be adjusted to the name of the card operator used. For example, if this phone uses a 3 card, the name will change to Planet3. This application cannot be deleted because the SIM card cannot be used without it.

Sound Recorder

This application is usually used to record ongoing conversations. The application can only record sound and then save it as a file. The application can actually be removed or turned off, but it is better to leave it alone.


The next application is an application that can provide information about the weather. You can see weather information for today or a forecast for the next few days. This application can also be removed or turned off if necessary. However, you can also leave it alone because it doesn't interfere.


This application is a built-in application from ASUS itself. Its function is as a guide that contains various information about ASUS phones. Nevertheless, this application can still be removed or turned off if it is deemed to be disturbing.

Google Search Application

Another built-in application that ASUS phones have is the built-in Google Search application. However, only a few Google applications are already installed on ASUS phones. These applications include Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Google, Google TV, Maps, Meet, Photos, and Play Store.

It is normal for Android phones, including ASUS, to have built-in Google applications. This is because Google itself has acquired Android Inc. since 2005. Eventually, Android became a fully-owned subsidiary owned by Google.

Social Media Applications

In addition to Google's applications, you will also find several social media applications pre-installed. However, not all pre-installed applications are the same on different brands of smartphones. For this ASUS phone, only Instagram, Messenger, Netflix, YouTube, and YT Music are available.

The number of social media applications on this ASUS phone is relatively small compared to other phones. However, these types of social media applications can usually be easily uninstalled. So, if you don't need these applications, you can simply uninstall them.

Those are some of the pre-installed applications or bloatware that ASUS phones have. These applications have their respective functions. Furthermore, some pre-installed applications can be uninstalled while others cannot.

If you want to uninstall an application, you need to understand its function well. Otherwise, you might end up uninstalling an important application, which can cause your ASUS phone to become damaged or experience errors.

For your information, the ASUS phone used for this article is the ASUS Zenfone 9. This phone uses the Android 13 operating system with ZenUI 9. If you are using another ASUS phone model, it's not a problem. The steps to uninstall applications will be similar. That's all for this discussion, and I hope it helps.

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