These Are The 7 Most Popular Horror YouTubers in Indonesia 2023

These Are The 7 Most Popular Horror YouTubers in Indonesia 2023

Youtube, not just a place where people can watch funny or adorable videos. This video sharing site also allows people to upload other themed video content such as horror.

Horror videos on Youtube always catch the attention of many people. Especially because of the nature of Indonesians, especially those who are really into mystical things. Because of this, there is nothing strange if horror content is classified as marketable and attracts a lot of people views. Actually some Famous Youtubers they also sometimes often upload horror video content.

Among the many horror videos on Youtube is 7 channels Youtube that focuses on discussing horror and mystery content. Who are they? Here is the list.

Nessie Judge

Nessie Judge is a YouTuber who often uploads videos about horror, mystery or conspiracy theories. This woman doesn’t only focus on mystery content, but most of her videos are mystery videos.

Several horror stories, mystery stories, conspiracy theories, from the country and beyond, Nessi Judge delivers very attractively. Not too much if development channels from Nessie is quite fast.

Risa Saraswati

Risa Saraswati is the name behind the Jurnalrisa Youtube channel. Channels This Youtube focuses on horror themes. The video content is interesting and long. This is because channels these often travel to haunted places.

In addition to trips to haunted locations, Jurnalrisa also often features content “communicating” with spirits. Risa didn’t even do it alone, she did it with her siblings.

Risa, who is also known as a singer and author of horror-themed books, managed to publish videos on channels interesting to watch. Especially the popularity of the book and the movie increased Risa’s popularity so much channels Journalism also recorded a significant increase.

Sara Wijayanto

Another horror YouTuber is Sara Wijayanto. Sara is the wife of the famous Indonesian magician Demian Aditya. Sarah often uploads horror themed videos. He has the ability to see and communicate with invisible creatures. This ability is the main attraction channels Sara Wijayantha.

in channels On Sara Wijayanto’s Youtube, you can enjoy content like Sara’s Mystery Diary, specifically a haunted place trip video. There is also content paranormal experiences which of course gives you goosebumps while watching.

The Story of the Land of Java

Popular horror YouTubers also include The Story of the Land of Java. Channels At first it was run by three people namely Genta, Mas Mada and Hari Setiawan or Om Hao. But now only Om Hao and his illustrator Mas Day appear in front of the screen.

Even so, The Story of Java continues to provide quality horror content. Thanks to the cinematography and neat presentation, many people will fall in love with this channel. In addition, the story of the land of Java often deals with stories or mystical things that are very close to the community. Especially on the island of Java.

The content of The Story of the Land of Java is very interesting. One of the presented content titles is An interdimensional gateway. Here, the team from The Story of Java explores “haunted” places in several areas. Especially on the island of Java.

Tales of the Land of Java often invites other horror YouTubers to collaborate. Two of them are popular YouTubers: Jurnalrisa and Sara’s Mystery Diary (Sara Wijayanto). To date, the Tale of the Land of Java channel has more than 1 million subscribers.

Ewing HD

Channels Another YouTuber that frequently uploads horror-themed videos is Ewing HD. Ewing HD is known for often discussing ghost videos or discussing ghost videos and reacting.

The ghost videos that are analyzed or reviewed on Ewing HD are not only domestic videos, but foreign ones as well. In addition, Ewing HD also frequently produces video reactions from the Ewing Squad, specifically from the Ewing HD audience. The very concept of Ewing HD video is generally video content that is recorded directly.


If you want to watch a tough horror video, you can check out videos from Hagz, a YouTuber who focuses on horror themed videos. Hagz is famous for various challenges and tests his mettle in the world of horror.

The videos he uploads often have a courage-testing theme, such as calling scary numbers, visiting cemeteries in person, performing rituals with Arabic oil, hugging haunted trees, or playing hide and seek.

Hagz also gutted himself by doing taboo activities like burning shrimp paste in a forest he says is haunted or coming to South Beach wearing green clothes. In addition, Hagz also frequently uploads videos of horror stories from par subscribersit’s like a scary story of staying in a haunted apartment, a haunted campus, to a haunted boarding house.

Prasodjo Muhammad’s

Prasodjo Muhammad’s channel name rose due to quality horror content. Prasodjo, who is colloquially called Jo, often presents horror content about mountain climbing. He occasionally invites colleagues or other YouTubers to tell stories on his channel.

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