5 Ways to Care for Your Laptop Properly to Keep It Durable

5 Ways to Care for Your Laptop Properly to Keep It Durable

Although laptops are not used as frequently as smartphones, they are still one of the electronic devices that are often replaced. Aside from the availability of newer versions with better quality, another reason to buy a new laptop is because the old one is damaged. Many things can cause a laptop to quickly break down, one of which is improper laptop care.

Yes, many people still do not know how to properly care for a laptop, causing their device to quickly break down. Therefore, we will discuss five easy steps to care for your laptop to make it last longer and not easily damaged.

Handle your laptop with care

Laptops are delicate devices, so their components will easily break if they fall, hit, or get wet. Some components can be replaced, but if the hard disk is damaged, your data will be lost and cannot be replaced. Another fragile component is the monitor. If the laptop monitor is damaged, it can cost a lot to repair or replace it. Therefore, always handle your laptop with care and avoid dropping, hitting, or even spilling liquids on it.

Clean your laptop regularly

Another way to care for your laptop is to clean its components regularly. The components that must be cleaned regularly are the fan or cooling system because this component is where dust and dirt usually gather. If there is too much dust, the fan will not function properly, causing your laptop to overheat and suddenly shut down.

Cleaning a laptop fan is quite difficult because you have to disassemble it. Therefore, ask an expert or take it to a service center to clean the fan. Besides the fan, other components such as the keyboard, monitor, and others also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid damage.

Choose a compatible operating system

Many people replace their laptops because they work very slowly. In addition to the age of the hardware, this is usually also caused by the user installing an incompatible operating system. For example, an old laptop with 512 MB of RAM is not suitable for running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Therefore, if your laptop has limited specifications, choose Windows XP, which is lighter than the latest Windows operating systems. If you are concerned about the security of Windows XP, use a Linux distro that is similar to Windows XP. You can also read tips to speed up booting on Windows 8 if your laptop already uses Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Update software and operating systems

Another way to care for your laptop is to update the applications and operating systems you use. Although there are no perfect applications and operating systems, updating them can minimize various performance and security issues that can harm your laptop.

Upgrade laptop hardware

For most people, replacing hardware components is impossible. However, it is actually easy to do because many laptop components are sold freely on the market. You can easily replace the RAM, hard disk, or even a damaged laptop monitor.

If you know which components are performing poorly, you can easily replace them without having to sell your beloved laptop. This will automatically extend its lifespan.

Those are some easy steps to take care of your laptop to avoid quick breakdowns. Do you have any other ways to care for your laptop? Please share them with other readers in the comments section below.

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