Best and Legal Anime Streaming Sites Recommendation

Best and Legal Anime Streaming Sites Recommendation

As a form of appreciation for animators, seiyuu (voice actors in Japanese), and all teams involved in making anime, it's only natural for us to watch their works through legal sites.

Anime on legal sites has been licensed so that it can be shown on the site. The cost we pay for subscribing to streaming services also becomes income for everyone involved in anime production.

At the same time, to accompany those who are at home due to the current situation, we will provide several legal site options that you can visit to watch anime.


iQIYI is a popular streaming site. Chinese dramas dominate this site. But, it doesn't mean that there are no series from other countries. On iQIYI, you can even still watch anime. Its collection of anime is also extensive.

Some famous anime titles that are shown on this site include Attack on Titan, One Piece, and Cooking Master Boy. Don't worry, iQIYI provides Indonesian subtitles. So, you don't have to worry about being confused when watching your favorite anime.

iQIYI applies a service fee starting from Rp12,000 per week. Quite affordable, right? Visit the iQIYI site to start watching.


Crunchyroll is one of the biggest anime streaming sites with more than 850 titles available. Not only anime, but you can also watch dorama (Japanese drama) or read manga (Japanese comics) on Crunchyroll.

You can enjoy Crunchyroll's service for free for 14 days, but of course, with limitations such as ads and restricted content. If you are a fan of anime that is currently airing in Japan, then Crunchyroll is the best choice.

If you are interested in using the full service to access all content and without ads, you can subscribe to Premium Membership per month at a cost of 7.99 US dollars or around Rp122,000.


Netflix has thousands of title collections, ranging from dramas, movies, documentaries to anime. In recent years, Netflix has also increased their original content to make this platform even more exclusive. Don't worry, with Netflix entering the Indonesian market, anime on Netflix also has Indonesian subtitles.

Netflix provides a free service for a month for new users. While the types of services offered include Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic service can only be used to watch on one screen with standard video quality offered at a price of Rp65,000 per month.

Netflix also launched a mobile subscription package in Indonesia, where you only need to pay around Rp50,000 per month to enjoy all of Netflix's content via mobile.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is another streaming site that presents anime shows. Of course, Disney+ has new collections as well. Anime like Spy X Family and Demon Slayer can be watched here. The video quality on Disney+ Hotstar is also unquestionable.

Indonesian subtitles and several other languages are available here. You just have to choose according to your needs. Disney+ Hotstar sets a subscription fee that is relatively cheap, only around Rp199,000 per year.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a streaming service provided by Amazon. It offers thousands of anime titles for viewers to watch, including not only new anime but also 90s anime such as Pokemon First Movie, Lupin, and Special Adventure Cobra.

Amazon Prime offers a subscription service starting from Rp59,000. One of the advantages of Amazon Prime is that if you only want to watch a specific title and feel that a monthly subscription is too much, you can buy or rent the anime instead.

If you rent an anime title, you can watch it within 48 hours after the transaction is made, while if you buy a film, the anime will be added to your directory and can be watched at any time.


Genflix is another legal anime streaming site where viewers can find a significant collection of anime titles, such as Spy X Family, Mob Psycho 100, School Babysitters, and many more. Some of the anime shows on Genflix have also been dubbed in Indonesian.

Unfortunately, most of the Genflix anime content can only be accessed by premium subscribers. However, the subscription fee is affordable, starting from Rp5,000 per day. Are you interested in Genflix?

Muse Indonesia

Muse Indonesia is not a standalone site, but rather a YouTube channel where viewers can find a wide collection of anime titles that are always up to date. Although there are advertisements, viewers do not need to pay a subscription fee to watch the anime shows.


Like Crunchyroll, Funimation offers several seasonal anime titles that become available one week after their airing in Japan, with both English subtitles and dubbed versions. Some of the anime titles that have been available on Funimation during the spring season include One Piece, Black Clover, Fruits Basket, and many more.

Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in Indonesia. However, viewers can access it using a legal VPN.

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a website created for those who enjoy watching anime. The site is filled with popular anime titles such as My Hero Academia, Boruto, Spy Classroom, and many more. The site also offers manga for you to read online.

Unfortunately, not all content on Anime Planet can be watched for free. You have to become a premium member to be able to watch certain anime. Despite this, the site is truly a heaven for anime and manga lovers. You can also join the community.

What about some legal anime streaming services that Carisinyal's team has discussed above? Are you interested in trying one of the services or have you decided to start subscribing to enjoy anime?

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