Free Online IQ Test for Android and PC

Free Online IQ Test for Android and PC

Online IQ test is one of the tests that you can take to measure your intelligence level. This test has a lot of enthusiasts of various ages. This is based on the fact that many people are curious about their IQ level. In addition, IQ tests are often a requirement when entering certain schools/colleges or when applying for a job.

For your information, IQ or Intelligent Quotient is a measure of intelligence. So when someone wants to know their IQ score, what they want to know is the number that describes their level of intelligence. That is why IQ tests are a means to fulfill this.

IQ tests can actually be done anywhere. However, given the ease of internet access today, online IQ tests have become more popular. This test does have advantages because besides being able to determine intelligence level, this test is also useful for training and sharpening our brains.

Of course, with the existence of online IQ tests, you can take the test repeatedly whenever and wherever you are connected to the internet. To measure your IQ test online, you can visit the following websites.

This website is useful for measuring your reasoning skills. is lightweight, so you won't have trouble accessing the site even if you have slow internet speed. It provides various logic questions that can sharpen your skills.

What's interesting is that this site is available in 20 different languages, including Indonesian. This is great news, especially for those who have difficulty with English. With this, you can take all the tests without having to carry an English dictionary. offers interesting and challenging IQ tests. The site also offers IQ tests specifically designed for children and career purposes. This site is highly recommended for those who want to know which career field suits them. The site also provides certificates for those who have completed the tests.

Like the previous two sites, this site also offers IQ tests with various challenging and interesting questions. The questions are also engaging and not boring. Although the site's language is in English, it is easy to understand as it uses simple English as its medium.

This site offers various interesting IQ tests. not only offers the usual IQ test, but also provides a test to determine your mental age and a test to know which career field suits you. There is also a test to determine your emotional intelligence through the EQ Goleman test.

This site is quite popular, as seen from the many Facebook comments on its page. And most importantly, this site supports the use of the Indonesian language, making it easy for you to take the tests.

If you're bored with the usual IQ test sites, you should try this one. provides fun IQ test questions. This is quite unique considering that other online IQ tests tend to be serious and a little boring.


Intellitest is a unique and interesting IQ test site. It's unique because it offers a points system. This means you have to have an account on this site. After logging in, you can take the test anytime you want. When you finish the test, you will receive points that you can accumulate. These points will be written on the certificate provided by this IQ test service site.


Learnmyself provides IQ tests in a different way. You will be presented with questions related to memory, problem-solving analysis, and so on. This site is really useful for knowing your IQ score. In addition, the site is also useful for understanding your character more deeply.

The meaning of the article is that besides IQ tests, this website also offers personality tests, optimism tests, social relationship tests, motivation tests, depression tests, and so on. It can be said that this website provides everything you need to get to know yourself.

IQ Test Applications

In addition to the online IQ test websites available, you can also take other free IQ tests using applications. Considering the enormous development of applications nowadays, you can also take advantage of the available IQ test applications on Google Play Store or other operating system application stores.

There are many types of IQ test applications in those application stores. The advantage of using these applications is that you don't have to bother accessing online websites. Want to know good applications for IQ tests? Check out the following reviews.

IQ Test

IQ Test is a free application where you can check your IQ with various complex questions. The questions in this application are not arbitrary since IQ Test has provided 60 questions that are suitable for IQ testing.

IQ and Psychometric Test

As the name suggests, this application does not only provide IQ tests, but you can also learn about psychometric test questions here. IQ and Psychometric Test claims to help students learn psychometric test questions that will be faced during exams, such as national exams to university entrance exams.

The questions provided by this application are varied. Some questions that will appear include number series, letter series, word equations, antonyms, verbal analogies, and many more.

IQ Test - Aliaksandr Uvarau

Aliaksandr's application is also good for measuring and evaluating your potential in IQ tests. Similar to previous applications, IQ Test also has complex questions to determine your IQ.

However, the advantage of this application is not only in its questions. This 4.3-star-rated application can be used offline, meaning you can take the IQ test anywhere and anytime. Are you interested in trying it out?

IQ & Personality Test

If you are looking for an IQ test application in Indonesian, then IQ & Personality Test is the right choice. All questions in this application use Indonesian, and the results are also explained in Indonesian.

In addition, IQ & Personality Test is also suitable for practice if you are going to take psychological tests, whether it's for CPNS, CAT, Police Test, and so on. What's more interesting is that this application has features for fingerprint tests, handwriting tests, blood type tests, and even palm line tests to determine someone's personality.

Those are some of the online IQ test service providers that you can try. With these sites, you no longer need to worry about knowing your intelligence level. You can simply access various sites in both Indonesian and English.

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