Here is a Collection of Websites Providing Free Ebook Downloads

Here is a Collection of Websites Providing Free Ebook Downloads

In this era of online connectivity, the internet has made it easier for us to access many positive things such as online shopping, free blogging, and social networking. Even learning materials can be obtained online, such as from websites that offer free ebook downloads.

Ebooks offer many benefits, not just as a learning tool but also as a source of positive information. Many authors publish their works and books through ebooks, and the internet can offer many benefits if used positively.

Unfortunately, there are still few people who understand ebooks and many who do not know where to download them, especially for free. Therefore, we will now review several websites that provide a collection of free ebooks or digital books:

Websites Providing Free Ebook Downloads


FreeBookSpot offers a vast collection of free ebooks that you can download. The website has 96 categories of ebooks, totaling over 5000 titles, and requires approximately 72GB of storage space. This collection is like a database of thousands of ebook themes.

FreeBookSpot provides a wide range of information, from science and fiction to technical materials. If you are interested in downloading the ebook collection provided by this website, you can register through its official website at


The next website that provides free ebooks is Bookboon. Interestingly, the website provides a user interface in multiple languages, so if you do not understand English, you can access the website in another language. Unfortunately, Bahasa Indonesia is not yet available on this website.

This website offers a diverse range of ebook categories, such as Business, Engineering, Science, Traveling, and more. You can visit the Bookboon website to view its various collections at

Many Books

Many Books is unique because it offers a collection of ebooks in various formats, such as ebooks for PDA, iPad, ebook readers, and even Kindle Fire. The website's homepage displays a list of the most popular ebook titles, based on the number of downloads and views.

In addition to the popular titles, visitors to Many Books can also choose recommended ebooks related to the titles they are searching for. Many Books offers approximately 22,000 ebook titles in hundreds of categories. You may find ebooks on this website that you cannot find on other ebook websites.

Free Ebooks

As the name suggests, Free Ebooks provides free ebook downloads. One of its unique features is the availability of e-magazines or digital magazines that can be downloaded for free. However, these magazines are only available from media partners of this website.

To download the available collections, you must register first. After registration, you can start downloading various digital books to your heart's content. Visit the website and register as a member to start downloading ebooks.

Free Computer Book

Free Computer Book is a well-known ebook portal. It is one of the largest websites that provides a vast collection of free ebooks in the field of computers and engineering. This online book portal offers collections of writings on programming, engineering, science, journals, and more.

Searching for ebook collections on this website is easy because you can search based on the available categories. You can download ebooks directly from the Free Computer Book website without registering.

Get Free E-book

This online book site is worth a visit, especially for writers or students who often need literature books. Get Free Ebook provides a collection of thousands of books, and you can choose from the ebook collection based on the categories provided on its homepage.

This site can be referred to as an online library that we can download for free. Another advantage is that the book collection on this site is a legal collection specifically intended to be published in ebook form. If you are interested, please visit and get the book you want for free.

Free Tech Books

Free Tech Books is a free ebook site that is similar to Free Computer Books. This free download site for ebooks provides a collection of ebooks about technology, computers, and programming. If you have a hobby in technology, you can complete your online learning books from this site.

As a free site, you will not be charged any online payment fees to have a collection of ebooks from this site. This site is suitable for you to choose, especially for engineering students who want to collect technology and programming ebooks.


The last and quite familiar site is Scribd, which has a variety of ebook options. Perhaps many people still do not know that Scribd is a document-specific file sharing media. On this site, you can upload files in PDF, Excel, Word, and other text media formats.

The advantages of the Scribd site include being able to view the contents of the document and also being able to share it with others. If we only need it for personal use, then we can download it for free. Usually, you will be asked to upload the file first before downloading it.

Those are some sites that you can visit to download ebooks for free. Along with the development of time and the need for all things mobile, ebooks are the right answer when we need a complete source of data. Various books to electronic magazines can be obtained for free from these sites.

You can choose and try various free ebook download sites one by one. This is because there may be a possibility that the data you are looking for is not found on site A, but you can find it on site B. These sites also usually provide ebooks in PDF format, so you may need to read this article to convert them to Word format.

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