Recommendations for Free and Legal Book Download Sites

Recommendations for Free and Legal Book Download Sites

For enthusiasts of digital books or e-books, you must be familiar with the convenience offered by e-books, such as the ease of carrying many books in one gadget, as well as additional features in e-books such as search and highlight.

In addition, the opportunity to obtain free books in digital form is far greater than physical books. There are quite a few sites that provide services for downloading free e-books on the internet and some of them can be downloaded legally.

So, this time we have gathered 10 recommendations for free and legal book download sites. Curious about what they are? Here is the discussion.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest digital libraries that offers e-books for free. The site, run by volunteers, has collected more than 60,000 e-books that can be read online or downloaded without having to register first.

The collection of books offered by this site mostly comes from famous classic books, such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, to Pride and Prejudice. So, if you are looking for classic books and want to browse their entire book collection, you can visit the Project Gutenberg site directly.

Get Free eBooks

Get Free eBooks is one of the options for free and legal book download sites. This site has a collection of books from various categories, ranging from fiction from various genres such as fantasy, romance, thriller & suspense to non-fiction books that include marketing, health, religion, personal development and so on.

To make it easier for users to choose books, they provide articles that contain book recommendations in various topics and genres. Unfortunately, the search bar and book category options are located at the bottom of the main page, so visitors will be confused when first visiting this site.

To check all the free book collections available on this site, you can directly visit the Get Free eBooks website.


For students who are looking for free text books for their studies, Bookboon site may be the right solution for you. This site provides access to more than 1000 textbooks written by professors from various prestigious universities in the world.

The textbooks that are included in Bookboon's collection include technical books, science, economics, marketing, communication to books for professional preparation, such as career management and personal productivity. To be able to access these books, you must first register.

This site not only offers free textbooks, but also presents various business books and online courses. The entire collection of free textbooks can be browsed through the Bookboon page.


This online book store platform under Rakuten also provides a special page for downloading books for free. The category of free books here is quite diverse, ranging from fiction books with genres of romance, mystery, science fiction, non-fiction books to classic books.

To get access to free books on Kobo, visitors must first go through the registration process. For those interested in exploring the collection of free books offered by this site, you can visit the Kobo page.

Many Books

Another recommendation for free and legal book download sites is Many Books. To date, the collection of books offered by Many Books has reached more than 50,000 books from various genres. One advantage of this site is its user interface that can make it easier for visitors to browse book collections.

For those who are still confused in finding the desired book, Many Books also provides a guide that contains book recommendations in various categories. All of these books can be downloaded for free through the Many Books site. Make sure you have registered beforehand.


Freebooksy is a website that provides a compilation of books that can be downloaded for free and legally from various platforms. One of the advantages of this website is that they regularly update their collection of free books, so the books they provide are always up-to-date.

In addition, the Freebooksy website is user-friendly. Visitors can easily browse books from various genres, including best-selling books and newly released books. The entire collection of free books can be found on the Freebooksy website.


The next recommended site for downloading free books is FeedBooks. This site is an e-book retailer that also provides access to download original and public demand books for free. The collection of free books available here is mostly from classic books, such as Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Twelve Years a Slave, and others.

E-books that can be downloaded through this website are available in EPUB format, which is now widely used for e-books. For those who are curious, the free books in their library can be searched through the FeedBooks page.

Google Play

In addition to being a place to download free apps, Google Play also provides a service to download free books. The book categories provided by Google Play are quite extensive, ranging from children's books, fiction and literacy, to business marketing books.

Another advantage of this platform compared to the previous recommendations is that they provide books in Indonesian. The collection of free books can be viewed through the website or the Google Play app on your Android device.

Barnes and Noble

The well-known online bookstore Barnes and Noble also provides access to e-books for free. The collection of free books presented by this site is very extensive. Popular books, classics, children's books, digital comics, indie books, and even magazines are available at Barnes and Noble.

To access free books here, you are required to register for a NOOK account first. If interested, you can directly browse their website here.

In addition, Barnes and Noble provides an application called NOOK that can be enjoyed for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With this application, users can easily access their collection of free books.

Amazon Kindle Store

Some collections of books found on Amazon's largest marketplace can also be obtained for free. The collection of free books that can be downloaded here has reached thousands of books, and some collections are also available in audio book format.

To make it easier for visitors to choose good free books, this site provides filters based on ratings and reviews from visitors and buyers. Before downloading these books, you are required to register first. This collection of free books can be obtained through this page.

To make it easier for customers to access e-books, Amazon also provides an application for reading e-books called Kindle. This application can be enjoyed on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

Unfortunately, there are not many sites that provide free and legal local book download services. However, if you need access to read e-books, our National Library provides services to borrow or read e-books and other e-resources, both local and international. If interested, you can register for membership first through this page.

So those are 10 recommendations for sites to download free and legal books. By downloading from these websites, you can get e-books for free while still supporting your favorite authors' works.

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