The Best Applications for Sketching on Laptops and PCs

The Best Applications for Sketching on Laptops and PCs

For those of you who work as professional graphic designers, a sketching application is a necessity. Especially now that there are sketching applications that can be used on laptops.

Having a sketching application for PCs or laptops will greatly assist you in your work, especially in creating sketches from the images you want to make. So, what are the suitable sketching applications for laptops that professional graphic designers can use? Check out the list below.


At first glance, this application looks quite similar to Adobe Photoshop. Besides helping you to create sketches, this application can also help you to edit sketches or images that have been made.

Sumopaint provides various color options, brightness, and contrast that can help you in several ways, whether for sketching or editing. The sketches that you create here can be saved in PNG or JPG format.


This application can be accessed directly on its website. So, you don't need to download it first if you want to use it. Through this application, you can create sketches with canvases of various sizes.

You can also use the shape templates provided by this application. In addition, DrawIsland is also not only suitable for creating GIF format animations.


With a simple interface, this application can not only help you to create new sketches but also develop your old sketches into a picture.

If you are making UX design, this application is also very suitable to use. Because this application has UX Design features that can help you create graphic tablet-based UX designs.

Krita can be used for laptops with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. You can download the application for free via its official website.


This application developed by Ambient Design Ltd has several tools that are similar to painting equipment, such as airbrushes, oil paints, and watercolors. Using this application makes you feel like you are sketching on canvas.

This application can be used for laptops with Windows and Mac OS systems. Not only for laptops, smartphones (especially Android and iOS) can also access this application.


Not only professional graphic designers, but also those who are new to graphic design can use this application, especially as a tool for learning and practicing graphic design.

This is due to its relatively easy-to-use interface. This application is available in 66 languages and already meets SVG, XML, and CSS standards.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Like ArtRage, this application also has several commonly used tools in painting. Not only that, this application also has tools such as pens and pencils that you can use.

Not only for making sketches, Sketchbook can also be used to make animations or flipbooks. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro can be used for Windows-based laptops as well as Mac OS.

This is an HTML5-based sketching application. This application has a relatively simple appearance and features. So, you can easily make sketches here.

Moreover, this application is equipped with drag and drop tools. These tools can help you use many tools at once. Starting from brushes, text, to crayons.

In addition to making sketches, this application can also be used to import PDF files. You can use this application directly from its website without downloading it first.

Corel Painter

This application is still a sibling of Corel Draw. Through this application, you can make sketches from various brush options. Not only suitable for professional designers, artists and school students are also very suitable to use this application.

Corel Painter can also be collaborated with other applications. Such as Photoshop or other drawing applications originating from Wacom.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

This application from the Sakura country offers high flexibility for its users. With this application, you can draw sketches using a pen tablet or mouse.

This application also has high sensitivity, especially in the pen and brush parts. That makes you feel like you're sketching on paper when using this application.

The brush options themselves are quite numerous. That makes you able to give more varied effects to your sketches. Especially when you want to develop it into a finished image.

Clip Studio is also suitable for those who want to make animated drawings. This is due to the many 3D features contained in Clip Studio.

Artweaver 6

It can be said that this is a fairly old sketching application. Boris Eyrich's creation has been around for more than 10 years in the world. Artweaver 6 offers many sets of brushes and pencils that you can use while making sketches.

The interface is also relatively easy to use. Even beginners can easily use it. Artwave 6 can also be collaborated with other sketching applications or documents. With the note that you have to do it online.

Sketches made in this application can be saved in JPEG or PNG format. Artweaver 6 can only be used on Windows-based laptops.

For those of you who work as professional graphic designers, sketching applications are very much needed. Especially now that there are sketching applications that can be used for laptops.

The presence of sketching applications for laptops will greatly help your work. Especially in making sketches of the images you want to create, whether for artistic or client purposes.

The ten applications in this article are some examples of applications that you can use later. Among the ten applications, which one will you use?

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