The Best Applications & Websites for Learning 10-Finger Typing

The Best Applications & Websites for Learning 10-Finger Typing

One of the essential skills that everyone needs to learn is typing quickly and accurately. In the past, people had to attend specialized courses to learn typing, but nowadays, everyone can easily learn to type using free or paid 10-finger typing learning applications.

The best typing applications provide accuracy training, ergonomic lessons, and timed practice to help users continue to improve. Learning to type can feel monotonous, so typing applications with exercises and games can help keep users motivated. This article will discuss the best typing applications that can be chosen.

Stamina Typing Tutor

Stamina Typing Tutor is an application for learning 10-finger typing that can be used by beginners and advanced users. This application allows users to learn how to type faster with an alternative finger placement scheme that reduces pressure and hand fatigue.

In this application, users can learn to type quickly by placing their fingers on SDFV and NJKL, which are positions that are much more natural for the hand and will increase tolerance to fatigue compared to using the common ASDF finger placement scheme.

Users can also include various images, animations, and sounds in the installation of this application, making learning more fun and relaxed.


Typesy is one of the most well-known typing tutors that can be obtained today with software versions for individuals, businesses, homeschooling, and schools. This application does not offer a trial version, but all versions have a 12-month money-back guarantee.

This 10-finger typing learning application is cloud-based so that users can access it from any computer, and the application will synchronize results on all devices. Unlike others, Typesy is not equipped with preset goals or targets.

Therefore, users have to make their targets. After typing for a while on Typesy, Smart Goals will show users things that need improvement. Progress tracking is excellent, equipped with many statistics in an easily understandable visual format.

This application uses over 500 scientifically proven exercises, lessons, and games to improve users' typing skills. Video instructors offer accompanying information before each lesson.

Users can import their own content from files, eBooks, Wikipedia, or other web content. Lessons can be downloaded from other sources. Typesy games, like Typing Monster, are excellent for keeping younger students active.

Speed Typing Online

This free 10-finger typing learning application has 17 classic lessons. These lessons allow users to learn all the letters on the keyboard before their skills are tested through reviews.

The advantage of this application is that it offers two lesson formats, classic lessons and advanced lessons, so users can choose the way they want to learn. Additionally, with the Speed Typing Online application, users can customize the duration of all lessons.

By using this software, users can also set their learning targets. All they need to do is set and achieve their speed and accuracy targets.

Furthermore, this online typing learning application will automatically suggest the next lessons to be done. The disadvantage is that this application is only suitable for beginners but not for advanced users.


RataType is an application for learning 10-finger typing online for free with 15 typing lessons, each with plenty of exercises. The lessons start by teaching correct posture, finger positioning, and finger movements.

What's interesting is that if a user makes too many mistakes while typing, they are forced to repeat a lesson. In addition to learning in the QWERTY keyboard setting, RataType supports Dvorak, AZERTY, French, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian layouts.

The software also has typing tests that can be taken at any time to show the user's speed and accuracy. Bronze, silver, or gold certificates that can be printed are generated, and companies that will hire users can verify their scores at a unique URL.

This typing tutor software is intended for use by groups or students in a classroom, as users can see reports about high scores and compete with each other. This is an excellent free typing application.

Typing Bolt

If you still look at the keyboard while typing, try choosing this AI-based online typing application and learn to type using only your index fingers. Use this online typing application to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI.

What is Bolt? It is an artificial intelligence engine that learns typing patterns. This tool uses several unique algorithms to track the user's level. It is one of the best typing software, which has a customizable user interface.

Therefore, users can type quickly without looking at the keyboard. This smart interface also reflects which finger the user should use to type each letter. Typing Bolt is a free typing learning application.


TypingClub is a game-based typing tutor with a friendly user interface. Users will constantly strive to earn badges and higher game scores while gradually learning new skills.

The ad-free premium edition offers a three-day free trial and adds more game modes, themes, and reports. The main lessons have over 670 types.

Users can take a placement test that allows them to skip some previous levels if they have already achieved an intermediate level. Lessons are available in nine languages, typing with both left and right hands, and more.


What sets Keybr apart from other 10-finger typing learning applications is its intelligent algorithms and statistics that track user exercises. Based on the results achieved by the user while using the application, they will be directed to more challenging tasks.

In this way, users do not have to repeat unnecessary exercises, and they can move directly to more difficult exercises. The application also measures how fast users can type certain words and letter combinations. If a combination of letters is found to be problematic during practice, that combination will appear more frequently until the user truly masters it.

Unlike other applications that have predetermined exercises, Keybr adapts to the user's needs and skill levels.


KeyBlaze is an affordable typing exercise application for Windows or Mac. There is a free version with limited features, a personal version, and a commercial version. The commercial version is also available as a subscription package.

There are over 150 activities to hone typing skills, including specialized lessons for practicing writing and typing using the 10-key numeric keyboard. Games like Word Blizzard challenge users to type words quickly and accurately.

The assessment informs users of their position, and the software tracks their speed, accuracy, and weak areas. Users can even create their own lessons and set their own words-per-minute targets.

Currently, 10-finger typing learning applications are designed to make learning easier for learners so that they remain motivated to learn until they become proficient. So, are you ready to learn 10-finger typing with one of the above applications?

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