Website for Downloading Indonesian Film Subtitles

Website for Downloading Indonesian Film Subtitles

Watching foreign films with subtitles can be more enjoyable because we can better understand what the actors are saying and the story they are portraying. Subtitles play an important role in making content more globally accessible. Just look at Korean dramas which have now become worldwide sensations.

Thanks to subtitles, Korean dramas have successfully crossed language barriers and have fans from all over the world. In fact, due to subtitles, people have become interested in learning Korean language through the films and dramas they watch. But what about other foreign films? How do we obtain their subtitles?

Don't worry, we will discuss some of the favorite websites for downloading film subtitles that are loved by many people worldwide.


This site is already well-known among foreign film and drama enthusiasts worldwide. Subscene is known for its fast delivery of the latest film, drama, and TV series subtitles. Because all subtitles are provided and uploaded by Subscene users, we can always find subtitles for even the most unpopular films or dramas.

Subscene provides free subtitle downloads. One of the main reasons why we want to visit Subscene directly every time we need to search for a film or TV series subtitle is its language selection feature. Another plus point that makes Subscene a favorite among many people is that it also provides subtitles for music videos. Subtitles offered by Subscene are available in various languages, including Indonesian.

Subtitle Seeker

This subtitle downloading website provides a different approach to subtitle downloads. Instead of having a collection of subtitles directly contributed by site users, Subtitle Seeker pulls and combines results from over twenty subtitle download sites, making it very comprehensive.

One plus point of Subtitle Seeker is its simple and user-friendly interface, which has received much praise from many users. On the website's main page, we can find a search bar and a section for the latest subtitles for films, dramas, and TV programs.


Podnapisi is a subtitle downloading site that offers more than 2 million subtitles for 56,000 films and 6,000 TV series in 100 languages. This is quite a large number, attracting many subtitle seekers to explore this website and download subtitles.

Podnapisi has a detailed search option with categories such as "Latest Subtitles" for films, "Latest Subtitles" for mini-series, which can make our selection easier. There is also an advanced search option that allows us to search accurately by entering the year, name, or language that matches the film or TV show we are looking for.


Still looking for a satisfying subtitle provider website? Don't worry, there is another website we can explore. SaveSubs is a free subtitle downloader website with an easy and simple user interface. We can download subtitles from several websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Viki, and many more.

If we cannot find the subtitles we want, we can get support by pinging or sending an email. In addition, we can also find an easy-to-use share button if we want to share subtitles with our family and friends.

The advantage of this website is that we can search for subtitles with links from videos. SaveSubs also provides additional services for those who cannot find the film subtitles they need.

YiFy Subtitles

Another website that is widely visited by those looking for movie subtitles is YiFy Subtitles. Millions of people around the world visit this website to download movie and TV show subtitles for free.

YIFY was also one of the first websites to offer free subtitle downloads to users and used for their movies and videos.

This site provides all major international languages, and we can find translations for movies and TV shows in almost all popular genres.

We can search for subtitles by movie or show title, or we can browse through various categories. Other features include requesting subtitles for any movie or TV show that we cannot find anywhere else.

This is a simple subtitle download site that is dedicated to uploading subtitles for TV series. Because it only focuses on TV series, this site stands out compared to other subtitle providers. We will find subtitles for many latest and popular TV series.

Users will be amazed when they see the available subtitles because TV-Subs also has subtitles for TV series that are not well known by many people. If you are someone who likes to download and watch foreign TV series, then TV-Subs is the website you should visit to search and download quality subtitles for free.

Open Subtitles

The advantage of Open Subtitles is that this website provides subtitles in more than 20 languages. Not only can we download, but we can also upload subtitles, and its forum is active with many users. The downside of this website is that we need to have a VIP account to remove the ads that appear on the website.

This website has almost 4.7 million subtitles for us to download. The website page has quite annoying ads. If we click or scroll, another page or ad will appear. However, getting rid of ads is only possible if we subscribe as a VIP account.


The advantage of the Addic7ed website is that we can view and edit subtitles after registering on this site. The disadvantage is that its UI design is outdated with a private subtitle list.

Addic7ed can be used to download subtitles for TV shows and movies. This site provides an option to register, although we can download subtitles without registering. We have to scroll down to see the list.

Those are some websites for downloading movie subtitles that are widely relied on by many people from various parts of the world. Because there are quite a lot of movie fans from Indonesia, we can easily find Indonesian subtitles there.

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